tick … tock … tick … tock …

It seems the end of all things is arriving sooner than most of us would have ever thought. The Earth is dying. Politics may as well be the result of a computer program that enacts then repeals policy every four years. The torchbearers of the current age are more radical than ever, and with the constant weeping and gnashing of teeth of identity politics, a reasonable solution to the myriad problems the world faces seems more and more out of reach. So what do we do? Nothing, except buckle up and enjoy the ride.

I saw a tweet long ago from an account whose name I don’t remember. I cannot quote it verbatim, but the summary remains timely: “When you have a ticket to an attraction and are next in line to enjoy it, what force should cause you to abandon that experience? Nothing.” We are at the ultimate crossroads for the ultimate attraction. I don’t know about you, but I eagerly await either outcome: a resurrection from the dead, or the end of all things. Curiosity fills me, though I suspect it’s the latter and not the former.

Now, we do not have to be passive as the End unfolds. No, we can accelerate it, or even disrupt it if we’d like. I propose that we embrace the absurd. If Fate has chosen the final breaths of our species and the time in which we exhale for the final time, then we can certainly write the obituary any way we can imagine. Let’s abandon civility and all it entails. Replacing democracy with computer programs? Why not? Inventing new identities to replace those that have categorically failed us? Sure. Anything and everything is better than the status quo which leads us to death without any semblance of entertainment in return.