Jesus. I haven’t posted in six months and WordPress has changed, so bear with me if the formatting is off. The world has continued without me, and I suppose that’s fine. I am wandering, without a mission, I suppose, having recalibrated to focus less on the demons inside me and more on the positive actions I can have on others. Fake it ’til you make it, I guess. At the same time, I greatly miss a sense of direction, as I had nearly six years ago when I started this website as a means of better understanding what differentiated me from any other human being on this planet.

It’s time to recalibrate again. I have ideas for other endeavors, other journeys, but little idea for my home in the underbelly of the Internet. Does anyone have a suggestion of what, if anything, there is left to do here? The world is yours, after all. I am merely but an egotistical servant (yes, the contradiction is not lost on me), so I am asking for guidance where I once was sherpa. What can I do for you? What is left to examine? I have an idea for a follow up to my self-published book, but I have to rebuild my stamina to undertake such a psychically exhuasting endeavor.

In the meantime, I continue to drift. A new reality has dawned, and I am not sure that the lack of purpose it brings is sustainable for me. Recalibrating…