Empathize or Die

It is another year but the same old dog and pony show.  Empathy can easily be weaponized, and true manipulation preys on it.  This time around, empathy is being used to further a cause without the participants paying the required price for civil disobedience.  Yes, I’m talking about the recent walkouts across America by underage political activists seeking to severely weaken (or abolish) the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution.  I have no dog in this fight at the surface, but I do believe that the rights bestowed upon the American people should be as wide and far-reaching as possible and that attempts to limit or take away rights, no matter the rationale or net impact, should be placed under the most objective gaze of scrutiny.  What interests me, however, is the common and far-reaching attempt to use empathy as a weapon in the war for the hearts of man.

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