The Capitalism of Murder and the Entropy of Malevolence

Same story, different day.  Every time there is an act of mass murder, the same debate always pops up.  Namely, neurotypicals – used here as meaning not mentally ill – want to know how they can protect themselves from the dreaded neuroatypicals.  People with mental illness are categorically seen as guaranteed time bombs waiting to go off.  Are there some mentally individuals that will lash out because of disordered cognitions?  Yes.  Are there many more that just wish to live their lives free of the pressures of a neurotypical elite and majority?  Also yes.  Bad things happen to good people every day.  A free society will never be able to protect themselves fully, but they can ensure that the playing field is level.

The truth is, there is a certain perverse level of profit when it comes to murder.  The frightened spend their money on items that will never truly protect them.  More interestingly, the “neuromajority” spend their political capital looking to enslave those unlike them in a profound display of the disgusting group power play that mankind is known for.  Like and unlike are two sides of the same coin that is in constant motion.  The “woken” believe that they act in the best interests of everyone, but in reality acting in the best interest of everyone is guaranteeing the interests of some are made extinct.

We all die.  We all suffer.  There is no perfect life, no perfect existence; the curse of sentience is wretched torment.  No one can escape the entropy of malevolence that threatens the sticks and walls that protect them.  Life is fragile and complicated and always will be.  Rather than seeking the devil to blame, we should look inside and realize that our only salvation is to ensure that all have opportunity: opportunity to succeed and to fail as well as to live and to die.  Locking down and locking up the mentally ill will not protect you, as there will always be demons waiting in the wings among your own.

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