The Pleasure of the Kill – Abandoning Due Process

What dystopian universe exists in which human beings can merely allege wrongdoing and have another’s life ruined without any form of due process?  This one.  An uncivilized people waste no time in circling the waters once the prospect of blood has been raised.  The elite, who believe themselves elevated because of their intelligence and power, partake in this sadistic game, wasting no time in throwing others under the bus for the promise of even the most minuscule gains.  The commoner gains disproportionate power in their endeavor to bring down those unlike them through simple allegation.  Finally, the actual process of law and justice is never conducted as popular opinion goes looking for victims, regardless of truth.  If this doesn’t sound frightening, you must be aloof to the shifting reality of the world around us.  Innocence is presumed false and guilt known to be true.

You or I could be ruined by a simple allegation; a falsehood whose story ensures that it is true in the minds of the mass.  No matter what the facts dictate, the bloodshed is very real, as lives are destroyed by those jealous of the power held by their “enemies.”  Make no mistake, these allegations that are made falsely serve only one purpose: to redistribute the power held by those without and those with.  Need we look back to the horrors of Salem to see history repeat itself?

This slap in the face to those that have actually suffered should be met with condemnation, but instead the population laps it up.  #MeToo?  It is nothing but a hate movement.  As much good as could be done by instilling courage in the oppressed and wronged, the malice that accompanies it has spoiled the righteousness of those actually victimized.  Knowing that the political climate is ripe, lives are ruined for the pleasure of the kill.  Less hysteria, more due process, please.

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