Born to Hate

Liberal elites would like us to believe that no person is born to hate, but that bigotry is rather a learned behavior.  I disagree.  At some point in human history, man became woken to the fact that there were others unlike him.  In our first days, we learn to associate family with non-family.  Adopted children learn that their features surely did not come from their “parents.”  Those without become envious of those with.  So on and so forth.  The second a difference is recognized between human beings, they begin to calculate the silent war that will one day grow hot.  Man is not born to love; man is born to hate.

Why then do we delude ourselves into believing the false hope that love wins at the end of the day?  The only hindrance to the darkest desires of man is retribution.  As much as we hate those unlike us, we fear them even more, for their calculus is surely different than ours.  We do not know what they are thinking and what they are capable of; we simply know of difference.  We seek to subjugate and take that which we should not hold dominion over.  As the mass of the “like” targets the “unlike,” systematic processes are put into place that further divides the haves from the have nots and the like from the unlike.  Man is vicious with his bonds to grow those in his corner with no hope other than that of annihilating those in the opposite.

There is no hope for love.  Love is an outlier, a being that evolution should have prevented in totality.  Love is conditional, and love is fragile.  We are more apt to form bonds between our left and our right out of the guiltiness that comes from knowing that there is difference.  We fight the evolutionary pressures that have us declare war on our fellow, but different, human beings.  And to what end?  The most distorted of figures will always seek to regain the shape it once held.  Give up.  Hatred is as engrained in the human psyche as breathing is in our lives.  The only exit from the hate we hold is the cold grave.

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