Implicit Censorship – Reclaiming the Antisocial Voice

We live in a world of implicit censorship.  Wrongthink is ridiculed at best and persecuted at worst.  Movements like #MeToo seek to criminalize and ostracize many, when in some cases, no wrong has been done.  Demographics are silenced because they are not in the in-groups of the power-elite.  Nowhere is this more evident than with matters of psychology.  Neurotypicals (both in the “non-antisocial” and “normal” sense) are afraid of the neurodivergent, and thus seek to silence what they fear, so that the horrors they face become without voice.  By removing the fangs of the perceived enemy, there is nothing left but the will of those in power.  This should be considered unacceptable, but often it is only the marginalized that truly understand the power play involved.

The sociopolitical elite have seeming won the war between the free trade of ideas and the iron fist of sameness.  People can no longer speak their minds of anything that is not deemed perfect political-correctness.  Of course, the definition of political-correctness is defined by the elite and is a moving target.  It often excludes the psychically marginalized, including those antisocials and psychopaths that may not necessarily be running amok or otherwise causing carnage.  Our experiences are determined to be a liability.  Our words are considered dangerous for the purposes of maintaining the status quo.  We are censored.

This is why outlets such as the up-and-coming Psychopath Tree or the now-defunct Sociopath Street are critical.  They offer safe-havens for those whose thoughts and words are becoming more and more abhorred by the larger mass as time goes on.  Everyone should be able to speak, especially with those that share similar mindsets. The failing of identity politics is in the implementation, not the discourse within a group.  Too many are tacitly approving of the power-grab that goes on around them.  It is my goal to take some of that power back, not only for myself, but for a group that is more human to me than any politically-correct doomsayer.  It is not often that outlets are given to magnify one’s voice.  Take these opportunities and make yourself heard.  Fight back against the war against wrongthink.

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