Eating Seeds

Identity politics are rubbish.  Nothing more than an echo chamber of voices belonging to souls unwilling to embrace their uniqueness, they hinder progress for humanity as a whole.  We should celebrate uniqueness, not sameness, and movements in the name of sameness inherently restrict an individual’s uniqueness.

I am ashamed of the overwhelming majority of my transgender “brothers” and “sisters.”  I use quotes for these words because the terminology is inherently political.  I should say that I am ashamed of the majority of the transgender collective.  Rather than acknowledging each individual’s story, narratives are pieced together where there are more similarities than differences, and these similarities revolve around character failures rather than true tragedies.  The mass now thinks that we are to be pitied; that our lives are devoid of meaning from the “abuse” we’ve been dealt.  As I wrote in a post earlier this month, victims are usually the result of self-fulfilling prophecies.

Why then should we cling to narratives of tragedy that are not necessarily shared by all individuals of the larger group?  The answer is simple: the political machine cannot sustain itself without the buy-in of its members and the tears of those outside of its walls.  Social justice types talk of “intersection” as a means of making sure all identity politicos are entrenched in the politics of others.  The only intersection that matters, however, is akin to one on a busy highway, but without stoplights or signs.  Eating seeds is the activity of the day as those that are not even affected by the causes they champion.  It becomes a game to see who can care most about those that could care less if they cared.  Tend to your problems, and I’ll tend to mine; I do not need the pity of a group I have nothing in common with, and especially not with those that I will never know on a personal level.

I’m sure some of you will protest that some good comes out of identity politics.  Protections are put in place and the marginalized are granted power.  I would say, that this can be achieved without granting so much power to others that are only vaguely similar to oneself.  I am no victim and I do not know some transgender person in California that so desperately wants to assume that my goals are their goals and that they can gain power by taking mine.  I can change my immediate universe by fostering ties that are welcome and culling those that are not.  I can educate and eradicate.  I do not need someone to tell me what I should and should not do, and should or should not do.

Stop seed sucking and start taking care of yourself and your own.  It’s embarrassing.


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