Victory Favors the Resilient – On Abandoning Victim Complexes

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything.  I’ve been focused on other side projects and, frankly, have had little informative or otherwise entertaining to say.  The hosting for the website has been renewed for an additional two years, however, so this site will remain a resource even if I have nothing new to say.  For my longtime readers, thanks for bearing with me during my creative drought.  That said, let’s jump in for a rant that I’ve had bubbling for quite a while now.

If you believe yourself to be a victim, you will be.  It is a self-fulfilling prophecy.  I’m so exhausted from those around me in varying degrees of closeness complaining that their life seemingly won’t improve.  No shit, Sherlock.  If one is so enthralled with the notion of failure or victimhood that they will not consider anything as an alternative, then that is exactly what they will receive in life.

We need less guaranteed happiness in this mortal realm.  The government should not exist to inject joy into those that wouldn’t accept it even if they were force fed rainbows until they shat unicorns.  We need less “protections” from others.  We need more avenues for self-empowerment.  Forcing someone else to watch their tongue is not going to cure the disease that affects most of the “marginalized” in this world: an unwillingness to create one’s own lasting satisfaction.

Man is born to hate.  Contrary to the narratives of the liberal elite, humanity would gravitate toward the war between “us” and “them” regardless of the positive values instilled during our childhoods.  Someone did wake up and decide that another could be subjugated.  Someone did materialize thoughts of malice toward another simply because they looked or behaved different.  No amount of legislation or education will ever eradicate the disdain of in-groups toward their out-groups.  Some will call my proposal “bootstrapping”, however I prefer to think of it as self-empowerment.

The healthy and empowered individual will not see themselves as a victim, but rather as a constant evolutionary force guided toward betterment through sheer determination.  They will take risks.  They will shrug off the nasty words shouted their way.  Maybe they will not achieve true greatness in the form of extensive wealth or fame, but they certainly will take steps to improve their lives incrementally.  Fortune favors the bold, and victory favors the resilient.

Shed this nonsense of being predisposed to being a victim.  The victim eternal is the one who believes in no other standing in life.  Everyone to some extent will be wronged in this life; some for more trivial reasons than others.  Rather than embrace mediocrity masked by the wrongs of others, take charge of your life and be resilient and brave.  Victims breed victims.  The fortified and self-empowered breed champions.

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