Drag the Waters

A man is born to harm, a man and a friend can harm more effectively, and a group of men united in cause can harm with an efficiency that no machine will ever reach, as the vortex will swallow all.  Like sharks surging toward blood on the water, the mob does not care if they care, only that righteous punishment is inflicted on those unlucky enough to be in their sights.  As long as man remains a social creature, this vicious cycle will repeat ad infinitum for any cause that the human mind can imagine.  Radical vegans, antifa, Islamic extremists, politicians, ordinary men, and all in between celebrate their in-groups as they drag the waters for the bodies of “them” they’ve cast aside.  Blood-stained hands and encephalitic masses will dance so long as they celebrate our own.  Reject and reform, we must abandon our own.

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