The Game

Political violence in a democratic nation is unacceptable.  Measures exist, up to and including changing the Constitution (in the U.S.) or electing a new government (for parliamentary systems), to enact change peacefully.  As such, violence is a short-sighted and inhumane.  Yet, it seems to be in vogue as clowns on both the left and right find new and exciting ways to kill each other in the name of laziness – changing governmental laws and structures is, by design, difficult.  Can we all just agree that political violence is unacceptable?  Is that really such a radical thought these days?

Free speech is the conduit for political change in a democratic society.  If one (or many) has a grievance with government or the rights of the people in their nation, they are free to elect those that are like-minded to make these changes.  By speaking, one can make it known to others their political orientation.  That speech is amplified by like minded individuals that can band together to form alliances to enact change at the governmental level.  This is fundamental civics.

As such, since free speech is so important to the political process, it should not be limited except as absolutely necessary.  There are very real and legitimate reasons that the United States Supreme Court has severely restricted what forms of speech may be considered criminal.  With this in mind, if changes are needed to free speech, and thus the political process, they must be enacted in a democratic fashion, most notably at the Constitutional level.

Lowlifes on both sides ignore this point and are determined to “speed up” the process through political violence.  People are doxxed and/or assaulted in the name of righteousness.  Either having zero concept of the political process of their democratic nation, or simply being aware but seeking to short-circuit the high bar needed for governmental change, they seek the cowardly and lazy way out.

My existence as an antisocial writer and transgender individual is dependent on the freedom of speech so many wish to silence.  As such, I feel the need to defend that very special freedom, even for those groups that would actively use their freedom of speech in attempts to silence mine.  There is a game, with rules, for changing the very rules of said game.  It is ridiculous that efforts would not be spent on the process, but rather in the eradication of one’s enemies through non-political means.

Own yourself and the process and enact change.  In a free and democratic society, there are no excuses for not playing by the rules.

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