False Innocence … Everyone Kills

I find the duality of life as experienced by both political poles to be especially interesting.  The left kills their own out of convenience and the right kills others for the same reason.  Sometimes we kill others via inaction, sometimes will kill with our hands.  I propose that we are all murderers, and it is an easy proposition to make when one’s position in life is that of an inactive observer, which is what I am.  We all have blood on our hands, after all, and I propose that we should acknowledge such rather than deluding ourselves into false innocence.

Let’s start with those that kill their own.  The primary example of this is with abortion – or infanticide, if you properly realize that most conceptions would reach viability past a certain point of development.  The left is notorious for this, either killing their own so that they can live their lives as they always have without having to be inconvenienced with consequence, or in allowing their fellow leftists to have the opportunity for the same.  Here we have the most direct form of murder, yet in an age in which leftist thought is believed to “correct” thought, we are taught that it is acceptable.  As a society we have embraced murder as often desirable as a means to “mitigate” the pain of our ill-chosen actions.  The irony becomes absolute if we take a moment to realize that such individuals will decry “passive” murder as described below, but champion infanticide as a particularly acceptable form of “active” murder.  They kill people while claiming that is wrong to kill people.

Now let’s look at the right.  They, in general, kill passively, choosing inaction as the choice method for disposing of the unwanted.  How many homeless queer youth and adults have to die because of the disdain (at best) or apathy (at worst) of this particular demographic?  How many of our poor need to die before they open their pocketbooks?  Or, as I believe, are we actively conspiring to kill passively?  Whether it is out of love for their own, or hate for others, the result is the same: suffocation of our people by the inaction ordained by the larger mass.

If you drill down, it is easy to see that we are all murderers.  Some of us act in an active or aware fashion, and many of us kill passively.  On occasion, we can see the discomfort this realization brings as brought forth by accounts like this one. More often than not, we just chalk it all up to everyone but ourselves, for the common person cannot be capable of such villainy, or so we desperately tell ourselves. There is blood of others all around us, and especially on our hands, but we are willfully blind to the crimson we so desperately wish to associate with another.

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