Hug-Orgies and Cuddle Piles … The Fallacy of a Cure

There is a fine line between reality and caricature.  If we think of reality as being the pivot point of a disorder and caricature as lying too far on either pole away from that pivot, then the picture should be clear.  To lie to the left is to be cured; to lie to the right is to be lost forever in chaos.  While I suspect there is some sort of Gaussian distribution to disorder, there must be some minimum criteria for disorder, and there must be a point where the individual crosses the borderlands from humanity into wanton destructionist.  I’m skeptical of self-actualized beings claiming to be at these poles, for either they would be “normal” or not long for a free life in this realm of existence.  And if I, a self-actualized but disordered individual, am dubious of the poles of disorder, then you should be as well.

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False Innocence … Everyone Kills

I find the duality of life as experienced by both political poles to be especially interesting.  The left kills their own out of convenience and the right kills others for the same reason.  Sometimes we kill others via inaction, sometimes will kill with our hands.  I propose that we are all murderers, and it is an easy proposition to make when one’s position in life is that of an inactive observer, which is what I am.  We all have blood on our hands, after all, and I propose that we should acknowledge such rather than deluding ourselves into false innocence.

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The only difference between abortion and infanticide

Is point of view

The only difference between life and death

Is the measurement we make

The only difference between obedience and malfeasance

Is perceived intent

The only difference between vitriol and compassion

Is the time that we take

In the end, only the individual can be the master of reality.