Dawn – Whispers of Eternity

The being was all-consuming.  Everything it touched was reduced to ash and infinite denizens of infinite realms were subjugated.  It was simply known by the name that could never be spoken, out of fear that the whispers of eternity would summon its presence.  Immeasurable pain and immeasurable pleasure were found at the eye of the storm but were irrelevant as the mass could not interpret either.  Both everything and nothing could paint the picture needed to understand the confluence of ultimate power as its carcass swarmed with maggots and decay that no artist could ever capture.  It simply was and would be, without beginning or end, and with neither alpha nor omega to be found in the writings on the wall.

As it destroyed universe and multiverse, it had no desire for, nor concern of, those sentient beings left dead and dying in its wake. The horrid motion brought out of the eternal vacuum simply was and would be.  Unaware of its own being, the idiot executioner simply occupied the time and space that it was granted without knowing that the time and space had been granted for its existence.   In reality, nothing called to it in doomsong, and even if something did, it would have never heard the melody.

Evolution is a slow process when left to random chance and hidden niches.  Beings evolve without any realization that they have or any indication of why.  Sometimes a species is guided and eventually learns to grow and change in ways that are both originated by, and beneficial to, the evolved themselves.  No vacuum is eternal, however.  The whispers of eternity eventually gave way to the shouting silence of self-realization, and the ultimate in chaos became the ultimate in destruction.  The idiot god … had become sentient.

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