The Gospel of Self-Determination

It’s been a bit since the United Kingdom voted, democratically, to leave the European Union.  Whether they actually do or not, given that the Europeans practice a bit of “democracy when convenient”, is irrelevant, though amusing to me.  The philosophical question is one that was theoretically answered by the U.K. population: who owns the right to self-determination?  In my belief – and I hope with yours as well – it is ultimately the people that give the government power to determine the governed’s fate.  That is, the ultimate power resides within each and every individual that a democratic government derives its power from.  This concept of being able to chart one’s own destiny, is ultimately what brings me to this post.  The punchline may be the same, but I hope this connection to real life sheds some insight as to who ultimately holds the authority in our separate lives: the individual.

I grow tired and bored of individuals that choose their destiny in a manner that is irritating for me.  The comments section as of late is a prime example of people behaving poorly simply because they can.  To the antisocials, the focus of my writing, that seek to exist as chaotic caricatures, I have no sympathy nor patience.  While I may not ultimately care about the sins of others, I prefer to be left out of it, and there are countless examples in my life of passing forces that seemingly exist only to piss me off.  Mine is not a story of redemption, but rather efficiency.  It is more efficient to take my sins of the past and learn from them than to continue to tempt fate and spend energy by acting out.  Meditation on the interconnectedness of the world has led me to conclude that the correct choice is guided harmony with discord being saved for special occasions.  Just as a righteous nation must allow its people sole say into its existence, I own my self-determination rather than letting my out-groups define it for me.  From mindlessness must come awareness.  From awareness must come discipline.  And, that discipline will allow the psychopath or otherwise antisocial to chart their own destiny.

I may still trespass when I am confronted with no other option or when my latent state kicks in.  I have not developed remorse nor guilt, and I certainly do not possess more than a modicum of targeted, affective empathy.  The zenith of my life comes from having realized that I alone control my fate.  Not my therapist, nor those on the streets, nor even those that I surround myself can force my life toward the throne I deserve; it is my duty alone to seek realization.  You must decide for yourself, antisocial or otherwise, what you will accomplish with your life.  Will you let others define your brief existence for you, or will you take what is your divine right: the right to self-determination.


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