These are strange times.  My intellectual grasp of the interconnectedness of the world is at peak form even if I do not hold an emotional state toward others living on this earth.  Cognitively, I realize that every action I take affects someone else in some fashion and that every action another takes may affect me.  In this sense, the grand dance that is life is slowly being revealed to me.  What will eventually come my way from such a focus on the intertwined nature of life is yet to be seen.  I do not believe in karma, but I do believe that if one seeks to be part of the world, they must respect the world.  By respect, I mean that the individual must realize that others have their own unique positions in life and that they exist separate from the observer’s point of view.  There are times in which my selfishness and callousness shines through, but by and large, I am morphing into a new being.  This is no accident.  Months and years of meditating upon my place in the world have brought me to this point and a lesser mind certainly would not reach the same conclusions that I have.  These are strange times indeed.

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The Gospel of Self-Determination

It’s been a bit since the United Kingdom voted, democratically, to leave the European Union.  Whether they actually do or not, given that the Europeans practice a bit of “democracy when convenient”, is irrelevant, though amusing to me.  The philosophical question is one that was theoretically answered by the U.K. population: who owns the right to self-determination?  In my belief – and I hope with yours as well – it is ultimately the people that give the government power to determine the governed’s fate.  That is, the ultimate power resides within each and every individual that a democratic government derives its power from.  This concept of being able to chart one’s own destiny, is ultimately what brings me to this post.  The punchline may be the same, but I hope this connection to real life sheds some insight as to who ultimately holds the authority in our separate lives: the individual.

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