Disasterpeace – More on the Failings of Psychopath / NT Alliances

I am skeptical of any so-called alliance bewteen neurotypicals and psychopaths.  While I have written before on the preposterous nature of such an alliance – as it makes a fool out of both the psychopath and the neurotypical – I believe that such an alliance is impossible anyway.  That does not mean that there cannot be peace between the two groups, but as with any partition of the human condition, the haves will fight the have-nots and vice versa.  We see this all the time with partitions.  The wealthy exploit the poor.  The poor seek legislation to limit the wealthy.  Those that are sick want the resources of the healthy.  Those that are healthy are only willing to help the sick that “deserve it.”  So on and so forth.  Whenever a partition exists, strife and consternation are sure to follow.  Why then would a partition between those with teeth and those without be any different?

There is only so much that “guilt” by neurotypicals can do to actually improve the quality of life for psychopaths.  Maybe one day their will be a sea change in the legal system such that those with neurological differences that cause deficits in affective empathy and remorse can receive fairer sentences.  Maybe rehabilitation will become an option for those psychopaths that realize that their stereotypical ways lead only to ruin.  I’m not holding my breath, though.  If none of these items are actually a desire of the allied neurotypical, then what exactly is the point?  It reeks of multiculturalist bullshit in which accommodations are made that actually benefit no one.  It smells of people trying to appear enlightened when in reality they are animals.

Going the other direction, why would the psychopath care to ally with the neurotypical?  It is not as if the neurotypical has resources that the psychopath does not.  An alliance going this direction is simply a waste of time and breath.  Maybe those psychopaths in intellectual circles that wish to reduce the amount of stigma present could see prosocial behavior as a carrot for winning the minds of the masses, but this is an incredibly far stretch of the imagination.  A sea change would be needed in thought and when so many psychopaths are out behaving badly according to their latent state, such a sea change is simply not possible.

Neither demographic has altruistic reasons for embracing the other.  This is simply the nature of group dynamics in which a partition is present.  There has to be some gain for either to listen to the other, much less defend the other, and these gains are simply not achievable or wanted.  The neurotypicals are going to see themselves as being prey to predators and the self-aware psychopaths are going to see themselves as singled out for bad behavior when everyone can behave poorly.

Instead I argue for basic fairness as I always have.  Treat individuals as individuals and do not attempt to cast a wide net on the group in general.  The psychopath should be tried for her criminality, not her neurological state.  The neurotypical should be treated properly when they aren’t regurgitating tired tropes of good and evil.  The name of the game is a disasterpeace in which neither group is truly invested in the other but the psychological warfare is kept to a minimum.

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