Entropy – Psychopaths and Possession

The psychopathic condition – most notably the lack of affective empathy it brings – is a strange one to live with.  There can be intense feelings of possession of another, but these feelings must not be misunderstood for what the majority of neurotypicals consider to be ‘love.’  One can have a possession and care greatly for them, fending off any that would dare try to destroy or steal said belonging.  However, all possessions eventually are lost to time and, in my case, once that happens, the thought of what they once represented is gone forever.  For this reason, I suppose that it is the present moment that matters, knowing full and well that entropy will eventually turn all to dust.

I have those that I care deeply about.  A good friend, a treasured pet, certain family members that have always been kind, and select others add color to this monochrome life.  My willingness to inconvenience myself in tending to their wants and needs depends on the person in question, but this should still be contrasted with my complete indifference for everyone else.  That said, since there are no affective empathic bonds with these beings, my ability to truly care is limited.  As possessions, I cherish them as one would a fine painting or sculpture.  As possessions, I also realize that eventually they will be taken from me.  The question becomes one of determining what to do in the moment with these fine goods.

I suppose that the psychopath, should she wish to engage in appreciation for those that are valued in her life, must treat her existence as the born blind would.  She knows no other way of being and probably does not pine for those things she is missing out on.  She may be unconcerned with the deficits she possesses, but she should not necessarily treat these deficits as eternal.  They can be supplanted with a type of appreciation, even if the appreciation is impersonal in nature and represents only what the other individual can bring to her life.

Whether this constitutes love or not is irrelevant.  Possession is the greatest compliment a psychopath can pay another being.  Possession states that another is valued to the point to where the psychopath will fight tooth and nail if someone tries to steal what is rightfully theirs.  That said, possession is not eternal.  For both parties involved, the bond created by such possession must be enjoyed in the moment.  And, maybe, that is good enough.

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