Lethal Dose: Refusing to Leave Cluster B Interpersonal Relationships

A Borderline resorts to emotional manipulation.  The narcissist steals the light from his acquaintances.  The antisocial deliberately harms.  At what point do you pack your bags and leave?  The victims of Cluster B disorders have the ultimate say in any interpersonal relationship they share with the damned.  The Borderline pushes and pulls and puts up a disguise that everything will be different “this time.”  The narcissist plays so long as his ego as fed.  The antisocial is looking for an outlet for sadism.  The intentions of each Cluster B disorder I mention are inherently clear.  It is not their fault when someone else puts their hand on the stove, knowing full and well that only pain will come when interacting with these hell-bringers.  Maybe instead of faulting the individual with BPD, NPD, or ASPD, we should fault those foolish enough to take a lethal dose of bad behavior.

People are positively shocked when their own actions land them in hot water.  Maybe they are delusional and believe that they are the chosen ones to remove the taint from those afflicted with Cluster B disorders.  At some point you have to abandon your masochism and realize that the forsaken are not going to ever change.  They may mitigate their behaviors, but the foul taste will always remain.  People become intertwined with the lives of the damned and, even though they can simply leave, they stay put thinking that “tomorrow will be different.”  Tomorrow will not be different.  If you want to overdose, don’t blame anyone but yourself for ignoring the interactions on the proverbial pill bottle.

Maybe it is not fair to label the clusterfuck squad as being deliberate with their actions, as the etiology of each disorder is usually out of the control of the affected mind, but we don’t ask ourselves why the beast cannibalizes those around itself – we stay far away.  It is okay to reject an interpersonal relationship with anyoneespecially those who are disordered.  But, in today’s “progressive” world, we find it impossible to avoid black clouds if we were to do such.  It is as if we are telling ourselves that it would be unfair to the floor if we did not stand on its exposed, rusty nails.  Madness.

If you are being harmed, leave.  If you are unsatisfied, leave.  If you want to leave for any reason, leave.  There are no merit badges for masochism.  Yet, many trip over one another for the chance to commit mental suicide by getting too close with those that have severe personality disorders. We should not blame those that are disordered; we should blame those that are too naive to leave when confronted with excruciating anguish for drinking poison.  There are no rounds of applause for ingesting hemlock, only the screams inside your head that will never leave, knowing that you alone are responsible for surrounding yourself with toxicity with no escape route in sight.

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