It’s all Okay so Long as Someone Else’s Head Rolls

I was reading through tumblr when I noticed a thread arguing that human rights exist and are universal.  The naivety of those arguing was astounding as they considered the argument to be self-evident.  However, we realize that human rights are conferred by governments which, in most Western civilizations, mean that the people themselves are responsible for answering the question of what is a human right and to whom does it extend.  It should become evident that the biases of the majority come quickly into play when determining who can have what.  Those that are unlike the majority will always be subject to a different set of rules than the majority themselves.  Whether it is skin color or presence (or absence) of affective empathy, those of us that are different will always be under the gun that is pointed at no one else.

No, there are no such things as universal human rights.  The very essence of being human requires one to be phobic of that which is not immediately understood.  Those without empathy or remorse will be singled out and given disproportionate sentences no matter the crime.  Those of different skin tones will be brutalized as seen by the antics of the ever-growing police state.  And, the majority is fine with all of this.  In fact, it is the majority – not any one person – that is responsible for the human “rights” that are enjoyed.  Hell, it’s all right so long as it is someone else’s head rolling.

The majority will never be in danger, therefore nothing will ever change.  I’d say fight for your own rights, but that is a losing battle since ultimately power comes from the majority.  The majority acts a stimulated mass, overreacting to the slightest touch.  Want to defend yourself?  You best not be mentally ill.  Want to speak out for change?  Better have not committed crime.  The mass will never change.  There are no universal human rights, only universal human wrongs.

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