White Knighting the Antisocial

It makes my blood boil when the naive attempt to white knight the antisocial.  They claim that because so many cases of antisocial personalities are the direct result of genetics or a tumultuous upbringing (trauma), that free passes should be handed out for antisocials and their questionable behavior.  Those of us who are antisocial do not care about this distinction.  We have learned that our actions often result in benefit even if they often result in detriment.  We have learned to accept the ways in which our disorder manifests and if it works for us, we continue our antisocial ways, and if it does not work for us, we seek ways to rein in our behaviors as best we can.  I highly doubt that the antisocial views themselves as prey rather than predator.  Have mercy for the prey; the predator wants no such thing.

There was a time, years ago, in which I was visiting my favorite coffeeshop in my hometown.  For myriad reasons, the location of the coffeeshop sat in an area blighted by crime.  I was outside, during the daylight, smoking a cigarette when an unkempt and obviously drugged individual walked across the street to confront me.  I had an eternity to extinguish my cigarette and walk back inside, but I did not.  I was young and naive and told myself that I was being bigoted and insensitive if I were to turn my back on this individual.  He approached me, told me he wanted to show me something and began to reach for his pocket.  I still had a chance to walk away, but did not.  I was lucky, the individual did not pull out a knife but rather a crack pipe.  I shudder to think of the outcome had I stayed in place and he had more evil intentions.

If you live an area with crime, you lock your doors.  This is not the result of prejudice but safety.  We do not ask the intruder whether his socioeconomic upbringing was sufficient cause for him to enter our house in an unwanted fashion.  We attack him or we call the police.  We do not ask the batterer whether her drinking habit is an excuse for inflicting bodily harm on another.  All of this would be considered madness.  Why then, do we find it acceptable to white knight a demographic that, by definition, causes harm to others?  It is lunacy.  It is dangerous for the naive as they open themselves to exploitation, and it is disrespectful to the antisocial who is comfortable with their ways.  Those of us who have not matured need no assistance in dishing out harm.

Treat the individual as an individual and give him a fair shake.  However, only an imbecile would be anything but cautious of the demographic as a whole.

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