…And the Castle Crumbled

Some of you may have noticed that the blog was down for a little over a week.  I had decided to try and step away from “owning” my psychopathy and my platform, thinking that such was ultimately deleterious to my mental health in the long term.  I’ve been struggling with old demons, namely rapid cycling Bipolar disorder, and to be completely frank, the role of ‘pg’ is often isolating.  Everything is cloak and dagger with those that I interact with and I never form connections with those that seek me out … which is both the price of admission and an understandable truth.  I don’t know the extent to which I could actually form connections anyway, but that is tangential to this post.

One reader who has sought me out and interacted with me outside of these virtual walls frankly told me something that I suppose I needed to hear during these turbulent times with my own mental health.  While it may have not been a primary intent of the writing up to the point I disconnected everything, my efforts have helped many better understand themselves.  I’ve often talked about needing purpose to counter my nihilistic ways.  I’m not sure that I believe purpose exists for anyone, but at the same time this reader forced me to reexamine my exodus.

A shot of adrenaline-fueled intoxication has brought me back from the brink of erasing my efforts these past two and one half years.  I have things to say and to convey once more.  For how long I will be energized, I do not know, but it is time to get back to work.  Along those lines, I have cut the fat from the bone and eliminated the more spurious facets of my platform.  Gone is chat and gone are the forums and we return back to where we started.   However, I have also pulled the trigger on the book that I wrote so long ago – or so it would seem.  I hope to have the work available to a wider audience soon.  Details on this will emerge as it becomes evident (or not) that the distribution chain I have selected has produced fruit.  The beginnings of this effort may be found here.

The castle crumbled but can be rebuilt.  The servants are dead and the baroness sits alone in her quarters.  With fire comes rebirth, however, and it is time to get back to work.  There is much to say and do.

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