Speaking Falsely

The key to being a successful liar is to sprinkle just enough truth to where even the most sour lie goes down like sugar.  That said, I don’t always follow my own advice.  I often have several arcs in play at any given moment with people that are close to each other.  If they were so keen as to compare notes, I’d be in a world of hurt.  Often, these arcs are spun simply for the sake of lying, not out of convenience or any other tangible benefit to me.  I’ve known of many others that are or claim to be psychopathic and the narrative seems to hold.  Our tongues get us into trouble because we simply are prone to speak falsely.

I don’t particularly know how to describe it.  We could have a factual statement that has no bearing on anyone’s livelihood, such as “I’m five minutes late for dinner because I window shopped too long,” and it gets instantaneously spun into “I’m five minutes late for dinner because there was a horrific wreck along the route home.”  I don’t wish to imply that such automatic lies are tied to exaggeration, however.  Sometimes the lie is as bland as the truth.  I don’t even consciously realize that I’m spinning lies most of the time.  Sure, there are those that are terribly important such as to save an interpersonal relationship from my apathy or negligence, but often I’m just “yip yip” for the sake of it.

Is truth really that boring?  Am I subconsciously working on my skills to ensure that they are always up to snuff?  I don’t claim to understand, but I do know that I’m not alone on this front.  There is no substantial pleasure gained from such lies.  There are no tangible benefits to such lies.  I lie simply because I can, without thought or care as to why.  If any of my readers have insight, I’d greatly appreciate it.

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