Respecting the Few: The Self-Aware Antisocial

I’ve seen an interesting trend among those who have ASPD and / or psychopathy and are committed to discourse.  They often get called out as “fake”.  Now, some of these people are undoubtedly fake, but the not so subtle message is clear: those with ASPD can never be mindful enough to realize restraint.  The restrained antisocial almost undoubtedly has a sordid past that must be honored, however like the alcoholic, maybe that past is not one to carry into the present nor the future.  Some people that have conquered their actions come to a place of forgetfulness.  Some turn to discourse.  Of course, it would be foolish to assume that thought processes have changed, but we cannot gauge the integrity of another based on private property.  While I lose no sleep over the occasional attempt to rattle me, I do see red when I see my brethren under attack.  The key to advancing knowledge on what differentiates those antisocials and psychopaths that are free and productive members of society from those that remain behind prison walls is discourse.  Attempts to further this body of knowledge should be celebrated, not condemned.  That is, unless the goal is simply to shut down all discussion on those personality disorders deemed unclean by society.

I gave an interview to a publication that should go live this weekend assuming they remain steadfast on using my words.  Of course, the primary motivation for giving such an interview lies in megalomania with a dash of discourse, but I was deliberate with the words I spoke to the interviewer.  I did not focus much on my own antisocial “credentials” as any interested reader can read through enough older posts on this blog to decide for themselves whether I am full of shit or not (hint: I’m not).  I did focus on the importance of mindfulness for the antisocial that wishes to transition from a state of discord to a state of relative success.  I did not wish to candy coat the condition, but I felt it far more important to speak of hope rather than fate.  I know that my words will fall on mostly deaf ears, but I still hold hope that some will give pause at least.  I’ll speak more of this interview some time early next week after it has been published.  I wonder how many will come into this playground and decry me as being false.  I wonder to what extent my words will be dismissed because, if true, they paint a truth that may be uncomfortable for the neurotypical.

I feel for my antisocial brethren that are mindful of their condition.  The wisdom that could be gained from these individuals is immense and is rare, especially given our proclivity to wander from interest to interest.  We will be shut down?  Or, will we refuse to go gently into erasure?  Surely the same voices that deny our existence do not ask for the amputee to show them their prothesis before listening.  Regardless, we have two options.  We can give up and let erasure rule the day or we can stand, fight, and ram our words down the throats of the unwilling until they come to realize the mistakes that they’ve made.  This isn’t about saving other antisocial individuals.  This is about the respect we deserve as the relative few: antisocials with the self-awareness to speak, and possibly to change.

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