Killing Political Correctness – Reclaiming Discourse

People often ask me what my fascination with discourse is all about.  If I had to guess, I’d assume that around 10% of posts on this very website are specific to the nature of discourse.  The reasoning is quite simple.  In the absence of force, discourse is the only means for achieving progress for a subdemographic.  Maybe this subdemographic is psychopathic; maybe they are the otherwise loathed and rejected by society.  We never hear from non-practicing pedophiles, zoophiles, those with murderous thoughts in their head, the queer that reject the sexual and gender binaries, etc.  These groups fall under a black umbrella – out of sight and out of mind.  Everyone needs a seat at the table, not just the fuzzy teddy bears that everyone else seems to bring to the table.  However, we must always be careful that we don’t make sacred cows out of the old and new guard.  We must attack and counterattack with our words and thoughts.  Today’s political correctness may die but we must not replace it with a new suit of armor.  We must peel back what we find comfortable and acceptable.  We must dig deeper.

Let’s think about that a bit more.  Political correctness is merely deference to what is considered sacred in the current zeitgeist.  We replace unique voices with the shitstains of acceptable words and dialogue.  Passion is sapped as we are left with a reduced set of vocabulary and, by consequence, a reduced set of possible voices.  I’m not just referring to the nature of words such as “tranny” (which I don’t particularly find offensive) but to the extension that the associated group is off limits from criticism and critique.  However, I equally fear a future in which we simply expand the set of what is considered sacrosanct rather than breaking all barriers to begin with.  It would be an odd future in which the non-practicing necrophile is off limits from criticism and dissent, but it is certainly imaginable if we continue to add to those groups considered invulnerable.  Instead, I propose that we must all be vulnerable. It’s quite simple: discourse is only as strong as its weakest link, a link forged by the careless smiths whose tools defer to the masses.  Reject it all.

It should be quite clear at this point that the vast majority of discourse panders to groups considered sacrosanct by society while attacking those that are considered anathema.  We cannot just switch around those groups to achieve further progress.  No, we must all be equally bare and equally ferocious.  To this end, I believe the folks over at Trigger Warning are off to a fantastic start.  What I do in the realm of psychopathy, they tackle in all other imaginable areas.  I highly encourage the reader to check out their well-written and thoughtful dissent and to consider donating to their crowdfunding endeavor to cover their startup costs.

Kill the king.  The king is dead.  I am the king.  Let the king stay dead.

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