Selective Tears

One of my biggest complaints with neurotypicals is the reactionary and selective nature of their empathy.  Oftentimes their empathy only appears when someone close to them is in the crosshairs of tragedy.  We see this day in and day out.  Those that know someone who is homosexual or bisexual tend to support same sex rights whereas those that do not know such a person are less likely to.  Many that find the death penalty abhorrent tend to throw that belief out the window when someone they know is killed.  So many things in this world are out of sight and out of mind until tragedy hits.  Where were your tears before tragedy struck?  The psychopath, on the other hand, does not change their (nonexistent) empathy when tragedy hits home.

The psychopath may have already considered her alliances and those deserving of cognitive empathy beforehand.  Often this means that the psychopath has run a particular calculus and no action is determined to be needed, but there is no hypocrisy to be had.  Everyone is equally beneath the psychopath in her eyes.  If she is concerned about matters of cognitive empathy, she has not consciously changed her approach based on the arrival of ruin.  If she has been concerned with fairness, then she has been invested in such all along.  There is no magic switch that is thrown when tragedy strikes.

I will concede that education of certain plights is a requirement for anyone to show affective or cognitive empathy toward another group.  The NT, it seems, is prone to turning on their empathy only when the pain hits home.  The psychopath is often criticized for her apathy, but in reality, hers is an equal opportunity apathy.  I do not suddenly lose sleep when I find out that one of my possessions is in pain.  Odds are that I have already taken measures to ensure that my belongings are safe under my wing to begin with.  I do not need a reminder to shed my nonexistent tears; why then does the NT need a reminder to shed theirs?

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