Video: Breaking all Barriers

I’ve given interviews to the media, presentations to lay people, and have written hundreds of posts.  A distinction that I hold dear between myself and my competitors is that I am unwilling to hide behind a pseudonym.  At first, I was afraid to write with my real name listed as the author as I believed, naively, the horror stories of ASPD individuals being denied jobs, health care, so on and so forth.  As I became more and more open with my ASPD and confirmed psychopathy, I decided that it would be best to live authentically rather than to live in the shadows.

The linked video above is nothing terribly remarkable except that it may signify one of the first times that a noted blogger on the subjects of ASPD and psychopathy has attributed their person with their writing in a way that leaves nothing to the imagination.  Others hide behind psuedonyms or wear disguises when appearing in video, but I do not feel that this benefits anyone.  We need to break the stigma of mental illness, not contribute to it.

Over the coming weeks and months, I will sprinkle video segments in with the text posts.  They will be targeted for about 5-7 minutes with commentary on the day’s subject being given.  I hope that this is as exciting for you as it is for me!


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