Who Needs Karma Anyway?

A not-entirely-uncommon response from others when they find out that I’m psychopathic is that karma will eventually catch up with me.  They believe that since I live destructively, that destruction will eventually circle around and take me out.  It’s amusing because I can’t necessarily disagree with them from a logical perspective – living fast and rough certainly lends itself to abrupt tragedy – but I also know that I’ve been an adept bullet dodger.  I have a wonderful job, haven’t killed myself on the roads, and general success throughout my life.  What isn’t there to like?

The longtime reader knows that I’ve pulled my fair share – well, more than my fair share – of stunts in my life time.  The frequency of antisocial and dangerously reckless behavior may be less these days, but I’d be lying if I said it was non-existent.  Gone are the days of driving drunk down the wrong side of the road or assaulting others with fireworks only to be replaced with reckless sober driving and psychological warfare.  Maybe I’m not stealing money from those that I “love”, but my parasitic ways are still intact.  Yet, even with all of this, I’m still relatively healthy and able to continue to move forward even if my life teeters on the edge most of the time.

What good is karma if I am rewarded for my antisocial and reckless ways?  What goes around has not come around.  I somehow still pay my bills, live with relative ease, and have the world at my fingertips.  On the contrary, it seems that my antisocial ways are met with benefit, especially with my parasitism and heavy-handed ways.  Psychopaths may not learn from their sins to begin with, but when there is no holy retribution to be had for our actions, why would we change anyway?  Maybe one day I will be burned sufficiently and will seek actual reform.  That time is not now and I do not expect it anytime soon.

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