The Blood, the Sweat, and the Tears … “Self-Evident” Truths

As many readers have surely figured out by now, I am not a fan of blanket arguments that play on “self-evident” truths as a means for justifying the legitimacy of the demographic as a whole.  For this reason, I am often skeptical of the godlike status placed on marginalized groups by many progressives.  As I’ve said many times, I hold nothing sacred; for an individual to have worth in my eyes, they must prove themselves to me.  Likewise, I must prove myself to others when making arguments that psychopaths should share in the rewards of their marginalized status.  My techniques may revolve around forcing the neurotypicals around me into a state of emotional contradiction, but I do not expect change without making my own voice heard.  Discourse is a beast that should be uncontrollable and untamed, it should not rely on faux arguments revolving around “self-evident” truths.

I have been accused many times of being homophobic and transphobic.  I know that my opinions, especially as a bisexual transgender woman, are unpopular to those queer individuals around me.  I do not believe that marginalized status is reason enough for special treatment.  Only through logic or emotional warfare can progress be made.  Discourse requires voices that are strong, not full of pity.  For this reason, I loathe the arguments that those of marginalized sexual orientations or gender identities (or those with antisocial proclivities) must be treated as sacrosanct.  Nothing in this world is free; it takes blood, sweat, and tears to ensure that progress is made.  The crying soul in the corner is no more entitled to progress than the scourge of society that refuses to find employment.  Fight for what you desire.

I know that these opinions are unpopular.  This is not news to me.  I want to surround myself with those with that have holy fire burning inside of them.  I want to know that they are as motivated for change as I am.  I want to know that they are not content to ride the coattails of others and that they have passion for what they believe in.  The blood, the sweat, and the tears are not free; individuals must fight for their rights.  Relying on “self-evident” truths does nothing but strip the individual of efficacy and legitimacy.  Show me your heart and I’ll show you mine.  Bleed for me and I’ll bleed for you.  My existence is not dependent on the pity of others.

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