War Mouth – Should Psychopaths be Accommodated?

I don’t believe in an accommodationist approach to psychopathy or ASPD.  That is, I don’t believe that psychopaths should be respected simply because we exist or due to multiculturalist beliefs.  The analogy would be for the wolf to ask the shepherd for permission to exist simply because it is an animal, much like a sheep.  It seems ridiculous.  The wolf does not need permission to exist; it exists because it can exert its will in a fashion that makes it both feared and respected.

Some other writers on the subject of psychopathy and ASPD believe that the psychopath is best off seeking an alliance with the autistic, for instance, or otherwise forming an alliance that panders to multiculturalist thought.  Autistic individuals have difficulty with cognitive empathy and we have non-existent affective empathy, so on the surface it does not seem terribly far-fetched.  However, does it make sense to ally with a group whose prosocial proclivities are vastly different than our own?  Does it make sense to play on the neurotypical’s sense of empathy and pity for those groups that are disadvantaged?  I don’t think so.  This approach, in particular, deems that we would lay prostrate like sheep when in reality we hold more potential power than nearly any other demographic.  The narcissism of the psychopath dictates that we cannot make ourselves lesser just for the sake of multicultural alliances.

Therein lies the crux of my belief.  Our potential power should be feared and respected.  We should not have to sacrifice our pride in order to be respected by society.  Of course, I am not advocating acts of war in order to achieve this goal, but a mouth for war should be had.  It’s simple really, one can be forceful in discussion and alliances rather than the passive and prostrate individual that others ally with out of multiculturalist desires of equality.  Multicultural alliances are power plays at their heart.  Those with power take over the discussion from those without.  The psychopath should be proud and reject this.  The alternative is to deny ourselves the respect our births have promised.

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