Hellstalker – Predatory Psychopaths

Psychopaths are known for their predatory ways. Well, the neurotypical would call it predatory; I’d call it taking advantage of openings. The truth is, we detect when others are weak and vulnerable and, if the price is right, we strike. Conning, manipulation, parasitism, and theft are not uncommon for psychopaths. Like the mosquito that identifies the best host to feed upon, the psychopath can do the same. Without a sense of conscience and without the capacity for remorse, it just makes sense.

When I am unwilling to play fair, I am at my most dangerous. Targets are easiest to manipulate when they are at their nadir. Victims are willing to part with their energy and their pursestrings when they believe your intentions are pure. It’s a simple calculus, you see. Find the weak and suck them dry. Everyone has their weaknesses; determining what those weaknesses are and exploiting them separates the gainful psychopath from the pretender. Stories of unscrupulous individuals scamming the elderly – whom are requiring company – or the destitute are common for a reason. Why waste energy on a well-armored target when you can go after those that are asking for it? Everyone will drop their guard for the right price.

There is no malice nor value judgement with these words I type. It is simply cold, hard logic. Those that wish to maximize their gain for little effort are best off being predatory. It is nothing personal, simply business. If an interaction with another seems to good to be true, it probably is. A lesson for the wise is to simply stay out of the way of those looking to feed. Naivety dictates that everyone acts in a good and fair manner; reality dictates that predators are always looking for prey. The wolf does not care about the well being of the sheep.

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