Beckon the Call

I’m a firm believer in the set exchange of a penalty for an action.  That is, I believe that people should be able to do whatever they’d like so long as they are willing to pay the price.  It is the job of society to determine a fair and reasonable price for a specific crime, a price that deters most but allows that that are willing to behave in a criminal fashion to have a set expectation for the price of their ways.  So what do you have to lose, kid?  It’s at most your life.

Psychopaths and the otherwise antisocial fill a niche.  Often this involves criminality.  For the less successful psychopaths in particular, criminality can be a way of profit or fun.  Hell, even successful psychopaths can bend the law at times.  Yes, society has a right to defend itself and it does this through the execution of law.  This leads to an interesting position for the psychopath, however.  The law, in theory, is designed to punish while rehabilitating the criminal.  The psychopath, usually unwilling to be rehabilitated, can get similar sentences as those that are not psychopathic so long as their condition does not come to light.  Thus, an exchange is created.  If the psychopath is willing to pay the price, the world is at her fingertips.

I am not a prosocial person.  I favor the ways of my brethren over those of the neurotypical.  I believe that we all have desires to satisfy and that ultimately there is no bearing that I can care about except for the punishment.  I am unconcerned with issues of prosociality or fairness toward the neurotypical.  So why not beckon the call?  Do what you do and do it well, but should you choose to act in defiance in the law, be prepared to pay the price.  That is a fair system.  Pick your product off the menu and pay up.  So what do you have to lose, kid?  It’s at most your life.

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