The Nuances of Discussing Psychopathy

The nature of discourse is incestuously tied to the nature of alliances. A single person, without allies, can barely make a dent in the opinions of others. There is an unjust weight that we give people sharing the same train of thought. It isn’t ideal, but is the reality of human nature. I wrote yesterday that most causes are ones I find unfit for my own efforts and energy. What of those causes – well, the cause – that I do find worth in fighting for? The nuances that go into making progress are difficult to tread at times.

I routinely get flak from both NT and antisocial for some of my beliefs. I would be disappointed if I didn’t. Some psychopaths think that I’m too heavy-handed, while others believe that I am not heavy-handed enough. Many NTs think I speak gibberish while others admit cautious approval of the core of my message. I – and anyone else on the forefront of discourse – must constantly weigh the impact of each demographic being targeted, their response, and tactics to gently push them further toward the direction I believe discourse should go. Pandering to a base while shoving those I fight aside does not get me terribly far. Ignoring my base is also unwise. Allying with the “right” people can cause great growth and allying with the “wrong” people can deep-six my efforts in full. It’s a constant tightrope and one that I am not particularly thrilled with walking. It is a necessary evil, however.

So my charge is as it always has been: to remain transparent. For reasonable and respectful inquiries, I will always explain where I am making my push and why I am reasoning a certain way. I am not the enemy here. It is easy to think in terms of black and white – which I am as guilty of as anyone – but ultimately it is my job to push others outside of their comfort zone, just as it is my readership’s responsibility to push me out of mine. I’m not saying that minds will always be changed – that is an impossible task that threatens individuality – but discourse demands that we at least give one another the opportunity to speak. Longtime readers know all too well the following mantra: nothing is sacred. Set aside your gut and listen, you may learn something about friend or foe.

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