A Tale of Two Masks

With the influx of additional readers over the past few months, I probably should remind my base that these posts are not the only source of my writing. Those that use mobile clients to read my works are probably especially unaware of that which I am referring to.

Back in December 2013, as a response to existing works on the subject of psychopathy, I began working on my own project. Many hundreds of hours later, the current work, A Tale of Two Masks, was born. Released in a limited fashion, in PDF and softcover form in December 2014, this book has met with overwhelmingly positive acclaim. I may still be determining whether to continue the search for a literary agent, but for the time being the book is still available from Blurb, an on-demand publisher. A link to the first chapter as well as additional links to Goodreads and Blurb’s storefront may be found here.

Intended to overcome the shortcomings of other works on the subject, the work is an incredibly raw (and honest) look into psychopathy that goes into many details that I do not touch upon here on this blog. Framed by the pretense that I must wear two masks – one as a transgender woman and one as a psychopath – it goes into great detail regarding the condition as well as the rare option of psychotherapy and its benefits and drawbacks. No details are changed and while you have no longer come to expect anonymity from me, it puts a name with the condition in a way that no other author has been willing to do.

I encourage the reader that is looking for a refreshing and honest look into the condition to check out the book. It is a great introduction to the subject that focuses on the successful psychopath rather than the imprisoned psychopath or the pseudo-psychopath.

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