I don’t understand why, but many neurotypicals believe that psychopaths don’t have hardships in their lives; that our lives are somehow immune from the pain and suffering that the neurotypical experiences.  Yes, the focus may be different – what registers as hardship to us may need to be exceptionally personal in nature to match our egocentrism – but that should not imply that it does not exist at all.  Psychopaths can experience depression, have unstable interpersonal relationships, be broke, and have myriad other afflictions.  We are not immune from the pain of the world, it just need be overly personal in nature to bring us down due to our lack of affective empathy.

I’ve suffered from eating disorders as long as I’ve been alive.  My parents’ teachings and my genetics leave me prone to overeating and my disgust with such mindless behavior has left me bulimic for well over a decade now.  I’ve been 315 pounds, and I’ve been 125 pounds as an adult.  I struggle on a daily basis to eat correctly and I’ve thrown up more meals than not over these past few months.  I’ve been broke (well, I am broke) due to excessive money mismanagement.  I have severe cardiac problems due to drug use from years ago.  Life is difficult for me.  It isn’t this magical life of wealth and easy living that many neurotypicals want to paint it as solely due to my psychopathy.  I am human.  The human condition of joy and misery and everything in between still applies to me.

People like to partition those around them into “like them” and “unlike them”.  As part of this partitioning, we often see that individuals want to believe that those unlike them are magically better off and need leveling.  This is most often seen with class partitioning and some religious partitioning, but it can certainly apply to the neurotypical / psychopath divide as well.  The reasoning may be different – I give conjecture that neurotypicals believe our lives are more tolerable due to our egocentrism as well as bloodthirsty tactics for acquiring tangibles – but it still applies.  Everyone has some degree of hardship; it is a consequence of being born from a mother’s womb.

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