War Mouth – Should Psychopaths be Accommodated?

I don’t believe in an accommodationist approach to psychopathy or ASPD.  That is, I don’t believe that psychopaths should be respected simply because we exist or due to multiculturalist beliefs.  The analogy would be for the wolf to ask the shepherd for permission to exist simply because it is an animal, much like a sheep.  It seems ridiculous.  The wolf does not need permission to exist; it exists because it can exert its will in a fashion that makes it both feared and respected.

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Angel or demon, pure or poisoned air, I can be anything that I’d like to be. I have free will even if my proclivities may attempt to lead me in a certain direction. I do not have an internal struggle related to conscience, but the struggle inside that deals with incentive is all but the same. There are many like me, whose internal torsion is all but invisible to the outside world. We drift along a rocky road constantly courting disaster, peace, and everything in between. Too few appreciate such a battle between light and dark, ruin and prosperity.

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Hellstalker – Predatory Psychopaths

Psychopaths are known for their predatory ways. Well, the neurotypical would call it predatory; I’d call it taking advantage of openings. The truth is, we detect when others are weak and vulnerable and, if the price is right, we strike. Conning, manipulation, parasitism, and theft are not uncommon for psychopaths. Like the mosquito that identifies the best host to feed upon, the psychopath can do the same. Without a sense of conscience and without the capacity for remorse, it just makes sense.

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Beckon the Call

I’m a firm believer in the set exchange of a penalty for an action.  That is, I believe that people should be able to do whatever they’d like so long as they are willing to pay the price.  It is the job of society to determine a fair and reasonable price for a specific crime, a price that deters most but allows that that are willing to behave in a criminal fashion to have a set expectation for the price of their ways.  So what do you have to lose, kid?  It’s at most your life.

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The Nuances of Discussing Psychopathy

The nature of discourse is incestuously tied to the nature of alliances. A single person, without allies, can barely make a dent in the opinions of others. There is an unjust weight that we give people sharing the same train of thought. It isn’t ideal, but is the reality of human nature. I wrote yesterday that most causes are ones I find unfit for my own efforts and energy. What of those causes – well, the cause – that I do find worth in fighting for? The nuances that go into making progress are difficult to tread at times.

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My Hate Hibernates … Psychopaths and Social Justice

Some antisocials argue that there is gain to be had in pursuing social justice.  I don’t buy this.  My hate hibernates and I’ll get ahead in other ways.  What do I care if I can legally marry or have my gender marker updated with my state?  These get me little.  What I want is to be a force as an individual, not a slice of a larger movement.  I may give tacit approval to those aligned with my causes, but ultimately I am concerned with only one person: me.

This is not to say that I am without anger toward those social issues that affect me.  I want privilege as badly as anyone else.  However, I am a firm believer that the larger mass will dictate my fate given enough support.  This contrasts with my status as a psychopath in which I know that I have to fight my own fight.  I’m not going to waste my hate on something that others are fighting for.  I’m going to spend my hate on the issues dearest to me and dictated solely by me.

Others may bathe in the status gained by being on the right side of history, but such endeavors do not appeal to me.  I’m more concerned about the underbelly of the human condition.  If I’m going to waste my energy on something worth fighting for, it will be the fight that no one else will take up.  My self-grandiosity and megalomania demands no less.  I’m far too unique to waste my energy on anything lesser.

All of that said, I do want to hear from other antisocials and psychopaths.  I may very well be in the minority here.  I want to know what altruistic reasons you have for fighting for a cause bigger than yourself.  I’m sure the answers will be highly elucidating.

Psychopathy for the Dumb

Psychopathy is a superset of Antisocial Personality Disorder (ASPD). It is comprised of many facets and is a complex disorder. It is not related to psychosis and the differences between those psychopaths that are in prison and those that are free are many. Likewise, the term ‘psychopath’ cannot be applied to what I would term ‘ordinary assholes.’ What follows is a quick and dirty primer on psychopathy that should illustrate how complicated the condition is.

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Compulsion for Hate

I’m hungry and I need to feed.  I’m thirsty and I need a drink.  I’m idle and I need to act.  The life of the successful psychopath is full of frustration; we know that there are lines that cannot be crossed no matter how compelled we feel to drive further.  God knows I want to bludgeon someone out of a combination of boredom and / or hate.  Devil knows I need a drink, that all too familiar numbness has been gone for far too long.  I want to lash out, and I want to destroy.  I know that I can’t.  I don’t know that I won’t, though.

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