Demonizing the Demon – The Sins of Academia Regarding Psychopathy

The sins of academics that study psychopathy are great.  They are intellectually stunted individuals that lack curiosity.  In no one area is this more evident than with their insistence to study only those psychopaths in prisons.  This sin knows no nationality as the whole lot results to opportunity samples, the bane of statistical sampling.  As a result, research tends to be used solely in criminological circles which leads to mass hysteria regarding the condition, should individuals even consider the disorder to be real in the first place.  I am beyond tired of the common conversations that I hear regarding psychopathy and the fault lies solely with the academics “studying” this condition.

I am tired of hearing that I must be a bloodthirsty lunatic.  I am tired of being compared to Hare’s prisoners of study.  I am tired of others assuming that I must be violent in act as well as thought.  We reject the common stereotype of those of African descent being violent and thuggish as there are overwhelming cases to the contrary, for instance.  A progressive society demands that we look beyond the cases of hysterics and bombastic behavior and take into account all individuals in a demographic.  Well, society demands this except for when it couldn’t care less.  Academics are supposed to be enlightened individuals devoting their lives to increasing the body of knowledge in their field of study.  They should take a cue from the usual stance of progressive society and learn that generalities in the social sciences are damning.  The impact that these narrow-minded fools have on real lives is real and is harmful.  You cannot claim immunity by demonizing the demon.

I am also tired of hearing from psychologists that the condition does not exist.  I am tired of having overwhelming evidence to the contrary, that psychopathy is distinct from Antisocial Personality Disorder, and being told that I do not exist.  I am tired of academics showing such stunted minds that they cannot even appreciate the flawed work of their colleagues.  I am tired of misinformation.  I am tired of academia punting my kind to the criminologists, whose sole goal is to put as many of us in prison as possible.  Different demographics require different approaches for treatment, though we all know just how unwilling anyone is to pose that question, much less answer it.

Intellectual minds should reject these false academics.  They should be cut out of academia like necrotic flesh, yet we are left with a grand circle jerk in which their efforts are celebrated and research toward the non-violent psychopath is chided as being “too hard.”  Spare me this clusterfuck.  Demand better science or admit that the system has failed.  The demon cannot be humanized so long as the artist refuses to show creativity.

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