Victim Complex

Over in the realm of tumblr, I see many bloggers that have victim complexes.  They believe that at any moment that they will be persecuted for the most mundane of reasons and that their well-being or even their life will end as a result.  They live in complete fear, refusing to take opportunities that exist for the worry of a specter that may or may not ever materialize.  Frankly, it’s disgusting.  It is one thing to make note of the biases that exist in the world and the probabilities that something bad may happen.  It is another to be so crippled with either fear or hate that one does not make any attempt to move forward.

I note that challenges that psychopaths face, most notably in the legal system.  I’m aware that should I get caught up in the legal system that my freedom could be forfeit as a result.  Yet I am completely honest and open regarding my identity and psychopathic status.  I could wallow in my own fear (which is minimal to begin with) or I could lead by example and show that there is no reason to succumb to the victim complex.  The future is bright and the possibilities endless for those that chart their own courses and sail their own stormy seas no matter how dangerous they may seem.

However, I also see victim complexes with those that have been burned by psychopaths.  People grant themselves doctorates in statistics and probability based off a very small sample size.  They begin to “see” psychopaths everywhere they look and ultimately they end up marking many as evil when only a few actually hold such a label.  Forums and websites dedicated to avoiding psychopaths are plentiful as people equate their own experience to the population, assuming that they even met a psychopath to begin with.  This is where the other damning aspect of the victim complex comes in.  People with these complexes begin to believe, even in the face of evidence to the contrary, that they are marked and damned and that the oppressors are everywhere.

I cannot understand the phobias that those with victim complexes have.  I may be psychopathic and transgender, but at no point do I live my life with inconveniences due to such states of being.  I do my due diligence to make sure that I surround myself with those that are not antagonistic, but I certainly do not alter the day in and day out of my life because I fear that someone is going to assault me or murder me.  Neither do I lose sleep over the fact that maybe one day I will end up in jail, for I know that ultimately I hold the power to see that such won’t happen.  This is the point I am making.  Anyone can succumb to their fear or they can rise above and make their own destiny.  Wallowing in one’s marginalized status is not going to enrich anyone’s life.

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