The Transparent Eye

A great privilege held by the antisocial, and in particular, the psychopath, is the ability to refrain from assigning value judgement to others’ lifestyles or proclivities.  Sure, many of us feel that a certain degree of gamesmanship is in order, but one can recognize inequalities without placing charged values on the legitimacy of those inequalities.  In essence, we are neutral in mind even if we may not be neutral in action.  However, I believe that being removed from the positive or negative emotions associated with the alignment of others allows us a much clearer mind should we choose to strike.

I’ve heard from scores of people over the past two years – that is since I started writing on the subject of psychopathy.  I’ve heard from people on both ends of the social continuum.  I’ve heard from those that would like to see me and my kind exterminated via the most brutal ways imaginable and I’ve heard from those antisocials whose pasts are exceptionally sordid.  I’m come to communicate with rapists, non-practicing pedophiles, batterers, animal abusers, thieves, and liars.  At no point, whether talking to “friend” or foe, have I found any reason to elicit emotional charge or value judgement with their alignments.  I do not say this out of apathy however, as I am curious of all human conditions, but I say this from a place of a distant observer.  However, even in life when I am wronged or acknowledged, I find that I do not place value judgement on others’ actions either.  This does not imply that I will not strike back if I am wronged, but it is completely impersonal.  I don’t care why a person ticks the way they do, but I do want to know what the effect on me will be.

I won’t claim that a lack of value judgement is born from some supreme state of being.  I’m not necessarily intending to be emotionally neutral toward those that are in agreement or discord with my own thoughts.  I find that I simply couldn’t pass judgement if I wanted to.  I hold nothing sacred nor abhorrent.  Things simply are.  In the words of Emerson, I am a transparent eye.  However, I do have form and I will strike if I must.

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