I’m sick again and dangerously so.  Longtime readers know that I suffer from Bipolar Disorder II and that the onsets of episodes are quite random and can last anywhere from a few days or a few months.  When I am hypomanic, there is usually no effect on my writing – if anything, I may write more.  But, when I am depressed, I tend not to write at all.

It’s frustrating.  I have no reason to be depressed – life is objectively pretty swell – but the depressive episodes are coming hard and fast and each episode is more severe than the last.  My brain is committing malfeasance.  I don’t know when I’ll be better as this is all the result of neurochemistry and not at all due to external factors.

I hope to be back with meaningful posts soon, but I did want my readership to know that my absence is not one of boredom or apathy.  You may consider signing up for posts by email (see the right sidebar on desktop) if you want to know the exact moment that I am back.

Thanks again; I hope to being writing again soon.

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