Glass Angels … Psychopaths and Thought Crimes

I’ve communicated with psychopaths that dream of killing people.  I’ve communicated with psychopaths that fantasize about eating people.  I’ve talked with those that would rape if there were no consequences.   I know a non-practicing zoophile.  I’ve had my own dark and violent dreams and fantasies.  I suspect most of us with such criminal thoughts never asked for them; they simply are.  Nature or nurture does not enter the equation as only one thing matters: restraint.  I have yet to meet a psychopathic-identifying individual that did not have some form of bloodlust on the brain.  However, the successful psychopath knows that such thoughts are a curse that must not be honored.  Unfortunately, the only one that recognizes the gravity and achievement of such restraint is the psychopath himself.  Society does not care as it wants blood for thoughts.

In Western society, freedom and proper crime and punishment are to be championed.  Many claim to fear the Orwellian state that punishes thought and not deed, but these same people have no problem championing hypothetical programs that would remove potential threats before they act.  We are left with people wishing that their violent children had never been born.  We have cyberbullying and other laws that chill free speech lest someone say something that triggers another.  Society wants to identify the abnormal according to their own misguided beliefs in primal good and evil.  No one is good or evil, only actions may be such.  And, if only actions can be evil, then why are we trying to punish the absence of action?  Why do so many want to see those with “abnormal” thoughts committed or imprisoned?  No, we have not reach an Orwellian state yet, but far too many call for a state that selectively acts as such.

I’ve received several death threats since I began blogging on the subject of psychopathy.  Undoubtedly, these were from neurotypicals that could not reconcile my candid admission of both my past and the thoughts that run through my head.  I’ve seen firsthand the hate that the neurotypical has for those that are honest with the darkness that resides between one’s ears.  And, I know that as I continue to write on the subject, I will hear from many more that want my head on a pike.  I have done nothing that merits such and I am in therapy to ensure that my gaze is never misguided.  This is never enough, though.  The successful psychopath could do all of the good the world could ever need and still be regarded as pure evil for what they keep inside their mind.  We can be glass angels for all purposes, acting in accordance with society but hated for what resides beneath our transparent flesh.

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