Psychopaths and Privilege

As far as I can tell, the concept of privilege – the state of having more opportunities available as the result of some trait that others may not have – does not bother the psychopath in the slightest.  I know that it does not disturb me when I avoid dangers as a “passable” transgender woman or that I am less likely to be shot on the streets for I am caucasian and not of African descent.  I suppose that exploiting privilege could be seen as an insult to my own intellect and skill for it seems to make things a little too easy in life, but ultimately I will take an easier route over an impossible one; the fact that others may live with insurmountable challenges as the result of traits that they cannot change certainly does not bother me in the least.

Privilege is a currency that exists in finite amounts and is coveted by all.  The liberal neurotypical screams of egalitarian desires, but certainly has no problem with their own privilege that they are less attuned to.  Consider the religious individual that doesn’t recognize their privilege in being “the right type of religious”.  Consider the liberal who channels Lincoln without recognizing that Lincoln wanted to ship all slaves back to Africa.  What of the able-bodied individual that sneaks a handicapped spot on occasion?  Ultimately there are narratives that the individual will always invoke for personal gain and without a care in the world, they just may not be on the scale of sex or race.  In this sense, the neurotypical is not that different than what I propose regarding the psychopath:  that privilege is accepted without worried and clamored for in the most insatiable way.

I’m definitely aware of my privilege – well, most of it.  And, I find that I assume to know the privilege differential that exists between others and myself.  Privilege is being able to sit in a nice restaurant in my expensive clothes and not asked to leave even though I have less money than the poorer individual in jeans.  Privilege is emulating the neurotypicals around me such that no one suspects I’m antisocial as I have greater control than many of my antisocial brethren.  But, I simply do not care.  If I won the lottery, I’d be no more likely to give to others than I do now, and such is the relationship involving my privilege.  Why would I look a gift horse in the mouth?  I wouldn’t.

I suppose that much of the reason that I am unconcerned about my privilege relative to others is that I lack the empathy to “understand” their plight.  Once again, the neurotypical is selective with their empathy and is as likely to abuse their own privilege for groups that they are unconcerned with.  And, this double standard tends not to disturb them in the slightest.

Others may be concerned with their privilege or lack thereof, but I am not.  Just as I freely spend my money and others’ goodwill, I am apt to spend my privilege: embracing the easier route that it brings while not batting an eye towards those whose lives are more difficult thanks to my privilege.  This need not be a tenet held only by the psychopath, for the neurotypical is certainly apt to abuse privilege as well.  As always, the psychopath is merely more honest with this double standard and is truly comfortable with it.

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