Call to Arms

The site is gaining traffic in an exponential fashion and the forums have brought in some fresh faces and viewpoints.  However, I feel that this site is at a critical juncture where growth will either continue in an exponential fashion or could taper off.  For the forums in particular, I worry about the typical stagnation and boredom that the antisocial natives go through.

What I ask is for you, my readers, to help me promote this endeavor.  Share a link here and there on social media.  Contribute to the forums.  Engage with me.  All of this ultimately benefits you.  Fresh faces bring fresh perspectives; I can only write about what I learn and I choose to learn from those with the condition, not from stilted scholarly articles that examine prison populations.  Additional marketing streams bring myself freedom from doing such on a much smaller level and allow me more time to write quality posts and tend to the day-to-day administration of this site.  All of this helps my reach, which I intend to use in order to leverage the book.

I will never set up advertisements on this site, so any offset in the mounting costs of running a dedicated server and licensing various software must come from sales of the book.  Additional faces can be used in order to keep this site running without hiccup.

You all are the reason I keep writing, as you give me energy and knowledge that I could never have on my own.  All I ask is for a little help in return.


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