Psychopaths and Time

Does time pass differently for the psychopath relative to the neurotypical and is this related to her need for stimulation?  Many moons ago, I read a book called The Geography of Time.  It was a decent read about how different cultures experience the passage of time.  One thing that stuck out, although it was not elaborated on in the book, was the brief mention that psychopaths experience the passage of time more slowly than neurotypicals.  That is, a psychopath perceives events as taking longer for a given time interval than the neurotypical.  The mention, unfortunately, was not cited, so I can only assume why this is the reason, but it seems self-evident to me.  I believe that this “slowing” of time for the psychopath is directly related to her ennui; in the absence of sufficient stimulation, could time move in an any other but a slow fashion?

I find that I become terribly restless throughout the day.  Very few things actually engage me in a fashion that is worthwhile.  Usually, in order to avoid a great state of ennui, I need to be stimulated either intellectually or physically and often I am too lazy to seek out either willingly.  I can understand why the psychopath may turn to misusing or abusing drugs to make the day go by faster.  Left to my own devices, the day does crawl.  I stare at the proverbial hourglass waiting to go somewhere else, only to end up at another place where I stare at the clock.  Rinse, repeat.  I turn to mindless activities like driving to make time move at all; even the most pleasurable activities barely move the hands of the clock.

I suppose such a state for the psychopath is not entirely unlike that of depression.  There is a restlessness that simply cannot be satisfied and the psychopath believes that nothing will change on this front, for it rarely does.  The crux of the need for stimulation is that nothing is ever enough to satisfy the ennui that the psychopath feels.  What other option is there for time but to move more slowly as a result?

I remember when I was jailed very briefly during my college years.  I would stare at the timepiece, waiting for the hands to move, but they hardly did.  I was caged, literally, and unable to do anything to make those dreadful hours pass.  Such are the days living out the psychopathic condition.  The psychopath is caged by her own need for stimulation and satisfaction and as with my time in that jail cell, there are no options available to seek liberation.  Time moves more slowly for the psychopath because it must; because nothing can satisfy that ennui.

I have no reason to doubt that time moves more slowly for the psychopath.  I spend every day drifting from activity to activity, hoping anything will make those hands move at a reasonable speed.  However, since nothing can satisfy, there is no way for the clock to heed my wishes.  All I can do is “enjoy” the “extra” time that I have on these hands.

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