Scarecrow – The Destructive Psychopath

The psychopath that acts out solely for the sake of acting out soon loses it all.  There is a reason that 77% of psychopaths are incarcerated.  This is because the vast majority of psychopaths do not know how to learn to be selective with their choices to be antisocial.  So many run wild with their destruction because they think it to be fun or constructive.  The truth is that such rampant antisocial behavior only leads to a pariah status and unpleasant consequences.  It is better to be a shadowed figure feared for his ability to sneak than a scarecrow placed in plain view of all.

A lack of restraint does nothing to build needed connections in life.  It does nothing to promote prosperity.  All it does is cripple the psychopath ultimately.  The successful psychopath learns to channel their antisocial ways into short and controlled bursts.  They learn to strike without warning rather than letting their past and present sent warnings into the future for others.  For some, the inability to control their antisocial impulses leads to an addiction for wanton destruction.  These individuals are especially likely to become wastes of human life, with their days spent rotting in jail cells more often than not.

Ultimately, I lose no sleep if the psychopath chooses poorly with respect to their abilities and how to use them.  With our inability to learn from the past and our impulsivity, it is no wonder that the vast majority of psychopaths fail in life.  The successful psychopath knows better, however, and will continue to stay in the shadows.  The bird hunter does not reside in plain sight lest the prey leave the area.  The scarecrow, in his field, remains immobile and feared.   Those that lack the insights needed to have advantage at all times are merely as damned as that scarecrow, unable to move forward.


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