Psychopaths and Humor

It was over a year ago.  I was driving down an interstate through a major city and a car to my left lost control.  They sped across all four lanes, perpendicular to the road, and crashed into a concrete embankment on the other side.  My reaction at the time was not that of fear of getting hit or relief that I was not hit, but rather a cackling laughter.  Even now I chuckle at the dance played out between order and chaos on that day.

The psychopath tends to find humor in the darkest reaches of the human condition.  Whereas many neurotypicals find humor in those aspects of life that are routinely considered healthy and pleasant, the psychopath finds her laughs in the macabre disorder that often resides along the more savory portions of the human existence.  This is not to say that the psychopath cannot laugh at those things that the neurotypical finds humorous, but we also openly include the darkness of life in what we find funny.

Like most aspects of the antisocial condition, I believe there is a disconnect between what the antisocial finds worthy of a response and what the neurotypical will admit is worthy of the same response.  For instance, what neurotypical has not laughed at the suffering of one that has wronged them?  The other day, I laughed when a woman tried entering an elevator that I was exiting and, in the process, she dropped her belongings.  Those that were with me were a little put off that I was so open with my laughter, but I suspect that they have done the same at some point in their lives.

That said, the fact that nothing is considered sacred to the psychopath and everything is open for an interpretation of humor should not put off the neurotypical.  Neurotypicals pay great sums of money to listen to comedians poke fun at many things that, in polite company, they would consider off limits.  In this sense we aren’t so different.

Yes, the psychopath may be much more open to laugh at the dark side of the human condition.  We may laugh at the absurdity of death in contrast with the order of life.  We can certainly laugh at the pain and the misfortune of other human beings.  We can also laugh at the pleasantries of life.  However, so can the neurotypical with respect to all three.  The psychopath is merely more honest, as she is paradoxically on many fronts, with what is fair game.

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