Psychopaths and Regret

I don’t understand the point of regret.  I suppose this is tied indirectly to the psychopath’s inability to feel guilt or remorse.  Ultimately, as a psychopath, the only person that matters is myself and I just can’t be bothered to get worked up over actions, due to shallow affect, that have occurred in the past.  If I feel any semblance of regret, it must be the result of something that directly inconveniences me.  These feelings are few and far between and can be mostly summed up as “it would have been nice had I not done that but oh well.”

Let’s use my excessive spending as an example.  I’ve accumulated over 30,000 dollars in debt on items that I cannot remember.  I look around in my living quarters and a see a few thousand dollars of toys, but ultimately I cannot figure out where most of the money has gone.  The neurotypical may beat themselves up, wishing that they had never brought such hardship upon themselves.  However, I merely shrug.  Yes, it is an inconvenience to be saddled with such debt, but ultimately I am still alive and able to do nearly anything I want.  The realization that I spend half of my paychecks combatting this debt does not register with me.  I simply see it as something to be eventually squashed, like a fly in the room.  I have no regret for such frivolous spending.

 The concept is simply foreign to me.  Much like guilt and remorse, regret is a theoretical construct in my mind.   I understand that others feel it and I have a vague idea of the symptoms of it, but regret simply does not register as a tangible feeling state.  Then again, I have no concept of joy, sadness, or any other slew of emotions, so this does not surprise me in particular.  I suppose this, in part, fuels my lack of goals as I know that there is zero possibility that I will be with regret while on my deathbed.

I would love to hear from my neurotypical and psychopathic readers regarding their own feelings of regret or lack their of.  I suspect that the psychopath is simply incapable of feeling regret.  Whether this is beneficial or not, I am unsure.  I know that given the psychopath’s inability to learn from the past that there would be little point in having regret anyway.   If the past cannot change the future, why should one feel bad about the past to begin with?

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