Aggression Junkie … Addicted To Antisocial Behavior

I see so many antisocials that run amok on a daily basis searching for their next fix.  It seems that all too often, antisocial individuals are hellbent on creating chaos and do not consider the consequences should they refuse to target their amorality.  Yes, the ability to do harm and to otherwise ignore the boundaries that society sets can be satisfying – and I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t fall to such temptation more often than I’d like – but eventually this unbounded joyride results in collision.  The universe usually whispers before it shouts, but few of us, it seems, heed such warnings until they are deafening.

I suspect that the reason many antisocials, especially psychopaths, choose such rampant destruction is because of our insatiable need for stimulation.  Everything becomes tired very quickly and even the most extravagant thrills lose their allure quite quickly.  As such, many crank up the volume on their antisocial actions, looking for anything that can serve as a next fix.  The proverbial needle in hand, they escalate and exacerbate.  Speeding turns into wild rides down the highway, swerving in and out of traffic; petty theft turns into grand theft, animal abuse turns into violence against other people – so on and so forth.

Even if the measures are not made greater in magnitude over time, there is still a fine line between mischief and mayhem, isolated incident and spree, that must be respected.  The antisocial that is truly addicted to such behavior can quickly lose their social circles, their employment, or even their freedom.  Some level of self-preservation is found in nearly everyone, but it seems that antisocials are often deaf to its pleas.  Basically, the antisocial that does not show some form of restraint is playing Russian roulette with an additional bullet added each day.  What does this get them?

Antisocials should cherish their amorality.  We are able to move freely according to our own desires when others are rooted in place.  A Machiavellian plot or antisocial burst can be productive on occasion when fulfilling our wants and needs.  However, if we are submissive to our own bloodlust and aggression, eventually those around us will turn wise.  Like many junkies, detox will be a forced consequence, except that it will be lived between the walls of a jail cell than at a rehabilitation center.

Of course, this means that the antisocial must be mindful and weigh the consequences against the rewards.  A full scale shooting war is not needed if a single bullet will suffice.  Be calculated, not reckless.  Remember, you are only as strong as the thinnest section of your mask, and every time one acts out, the mask grows a little thinner.

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