Site Changes December 2014

As a few of you may have noticed, I’ve made sweeping changes to what is accessible on the website.

First off, I’ve added links to a few behind the scenes endeavors that have been hidden for beta testing.  Chat functionality is present for use by anyone that needs it.  This functionality lives on its own page, which can be found via the menu, and all that I ask is that content be kept legal.

Second, I’ve exposed once more the manuscript that I am shopping to literary agents.  This can also be reached via the menu.  Feedback has been great and I wanted to make it public again in order to help drum up support for a push toward publication.

Third, forums have been integrated and can also be accessed via the menu.  The same rules apply in the forums as they do in chat: keep it legal.  I do not plan on doing any moderating; they are there as a resource for anyone that needs them.

Lastly, I will be moving the website to a dedicated server in the next week or so.  As traffic increases, the load and the projects I wish to expose are pushing the limits of the hosting option I currently use.  There may be some downtime with this transition, but I hope to keep it at a minimum.

As always, I am a resource for any who require it.

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