Possession … Empathy and Bloodlust (Part 2)

I imagine a scene in which a father comes home from work and sits down in his favorite recliner.  His two children and wife greet him and each give him a kiss – as he is a very loving man in their eyes – and they later have dinner.  After dinner, the man takes his knife and, without warning, buries it into the eye socket of his oldest child.  Speaking incoherently, he remarks that the deed simply had to be done.  Why?  He would not elaborate as his next action was to slit his own throat.  Seconds later, the wife does the same leaving one child dead and another scarred for life.

Any NT seems to become possessed with irrationality and vengeance when it comes to events that do not affect them but that evoke feelings of deep-seated empathy.  They turn to their greatest weapons to satisfy the command of empathy, their surrogate for logic.  Whether it is Anonymous doxxing groups that they perceive as ‘evil’ or social media fanning its own flames into a hellfire that makes Dresden look tame, the hysteria jumps from individual to individual with little warning and even less explanation.  It’s like a blood orgy where the only concern is to ensure that their primal empathic responses are satiated.

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When Empathy Turns to Bloodlust

I suppose that most readers are well aware of the events that have been (and are at the time of this writing) going on in Ferguson, Missouri, USA.  If not, a quick primer follows.  Essentially, an unarmed black man was shot and killed by a white police officer after an altercation which a grand jury decided justified a lack of criminal charges against the police officer.  I am not so concerned about the vandalism and looting that some of unknown origin are committing in the wake of that shooting and the subsequent grand jury decision. What I am concerned about is the manner in which others are seeking blood for events that will never affect them.  The only conclusion I can come to is that their empathy has caused their vampirism.

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Reader Question: Self-Diagnosis

I imagine a meeting of the Alcoholics Anonymous in which only one of those attending has ever had a drink.  The rest are there simply because they’ve found nowhere else to fit in.  They go through the motions and tell the most believable of alcohol-related problems, but they’ve never tasted liquor on their tongue.  Such is my immediate fear upon reading the following reader question:

I don’t believe in self diagnosis myself however, I do understand some people do not have access to mental health workers or mental health in general. And I think those who completely put down those who self diagnose or have mental health blah blah blah, should really consider circumstances. What are your thoughts?

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